For Keeping Them Alive

“Christine Stewart-Nuñez puts her poet-ear on the pulse of human experience and listens hard. These poems are filled with the sensual, energetic meditations of a woman enveloped in the world of new mothering as she mourns the loss of her distant sister with a steady, tender eye.”

—Dorianne Laux, author of Facts about the Moon

“Christine Stewart-Nuñez succeeds in bringing both life and death into convergence in this marvelously vivid, intimate, and alive-as-flesh mandala of poems, as she deals with the mixed emotions connected to the death of her sister and the birth of her son: anger, fear, curiosity, mystery, joy and sadness.  These poems invite us to participate in a circle dance, framed by earth and sky, rain and drought, creation and destruction, and they leave us in the end with a well-earned sense of wholeness and completion of spirit.”

—Freya Manfred, author of Swimming With A Hundred Year Old Snapping Turtle

“Christine Stewart-Nuñez’s blue-hued poems in Keeping Them Alive are a series of ravishments: ravishments of grief, birth, beauty.  The speaker in these poems repeatedly surrenders herself to blossoming, to an opening into loss, into motherhood, into presence and attentiveness.  Intertwining memories of an older sister lost tragically within an uneasy family dynamic, with the voluptuous rapture and terror of a first pregnancy, these poems confront various forms of rupture and repair in the “full turn” of organic cycles and processes, as well as the more human creative acts of braiding and stitching – the poems themselves, in one sense, functioning on a meta level as a similar cycle of rupture and repair. The book moves toward increased clarity, like a Polaroid coming into focus, braiding together gorgeous convergences of pain and joy in unflinchingly chiseled language and stunning images.”

—Lee Ann Roripaugh, author of On the Cusp of a Dangerous Year


For Postcard on Parchment

“In her rhetoric she is lyrical as well as narrative; in her versification she is free and she is formal; in her chronologies she is linear and she is layered.  And with each case her skill feels both subtle and accomplished.  In shape and story, in experience and imagination, Postcard on Parchment is a wide-ranging and multifaceted book of poems.  Its sympathies reach from the poet’s family to people a world away in time and in cultural circumstance.  I appreciate her clarity, her convictions, and her connections—three things our teeming world could use in considerably fuller supply.”

—David Baker, author of Midwest Eclogues

“Christine Stewart-Nuñez does more than comment on history and landscape in Postcard on Parchment.  Pressing directly on the senses, her poems dart from sight to sound to touch.  Taste the dust of the road, yes–she can make you taste it, and you can hear the shop owners singing their wares down the street.  The music of this work carries both the strange and the familiar on a tide of beautiful language, and in this respect, conducts us all as travelers on her journey to the heart of the matter. Stewart-Nuñez’s work is to investigate knowledge itself.  She probes what it means to live in the world and its many histories.  This is a captivating collection, made all the more wonderful for introducing us to a vibrant new poet.

—Eloise Klein Healy, Founding Editor/Arktoi Books


For The Love of Unreal Things

Poetry flies beyond the facts of history to touch the mystery within. The poems of Christine Stewart-Nuñez in this small volume clearly have been born of the meeting of her own spirit with the story of Catherine of Siena. Catherine, I think, would be pleased.

—Suzanne Noffke, OP, translator of the works of Catherine of Siena

Christine Stewart-Nuñez’s poems about Catherine of Siena are stunning, brave, and original, taking on one of religion and history’s most loved yet, to my mind, least understood figures, bringing her to life on the page, giving her voice and making her human. The poems are full of the sensual delights of body and as well as the weight of the soul, each poem deftly wrought to reveal a world both real and transcendent. The
Love of Unreal Things
is a work that will change your life.

—Jesse Lee Kercheval, author of Dog Angel

For Unbound & Branded

We all love the perfection of model Kate Moss whose image is so protein. We love her perfect embodiment of . . . what?  Poet Christine Stewart-Nuñez tells us, in a series of ekphrastic poems filled with wit and shaped by an uncommon facility with form.  Here’s Kate, always available: the perfect subject, the shaped object.  And here, too, is one of our best new poets in an indispensable series for our entertainment, consideration, and distress. Unbound & Branded is brilliant, compassionate and fierce.  We need this book.

—Hilda Raz, author of TRANS

Unbound & Branded offers a keen, poignant perspective on the image of women. Evocative and layered, the poems “measure what can be seen,” while always suggesting “what remains unobservable.” Unique, innovative, witty and accomplished, the poems in this book reverberate with a startling energy.”

—Diane Thiel, author of Resistance Fantasies



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