Springboard for post: irony

In accordance with my promise for “the raw”–here’s the first draft of a new poem:

The Names of Things

The woman named her child Holden
not because of the book character
not because of the soap opera character
but because it sounded solid, stable,
because it meant “from a hollow
in the valley” and she could imagine
calmness and graciousness—also its
meanings—she could imagine those
valleys of her childhood, the places
she camped between hills of forests
and the peace she found there looking
at the stars, possibilities endless, how
she stared into the campfire imagining
that in that space was God—the infinite—
and she could see infinity beyond the space
of flame and stars, and she wanted to give
that to her son. It wasn’t until later,
when she Googled epilepsy for the 1,000
time hoping to find another way in to
understanding, that she saw Epilepsy:
from Greek: epi “upon” + lepsis “seizure,”
from leps-, future stem of lambanein
“take hold of.”

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